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Mast Step C-30 Angled Base

Part #: K2007
This is the original equipment cast aluminum mast step for your Catalina 30.

There is no record of there having been two different Catalina 30 mast steps. But we know from our own experience and by speaking with our customers that there are. So we offer both. This version has an angled base for mounting atop a doghouse that has an angled surface. See "May we also suggest" below for the flat version.

Raised portion that fits into the extrusion:
• Length: 7-1/2"
• Width: 4-1/4"

Dimensions of the base:
• Length: 8-1/2"
• Width: 5"
• Aft Thickness: Approximately 5/16"
• Forward Thickness: Approximately 7/16"

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