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Masthead Sheave Delrin C-30

Part #: K2012
Delrin masthead sheave with stainless steel bushing for the Catalina 30.

There are several advantages to replacing your wire halyards with line:
• Eliminate the fish hooks that make your hands bloody
• Line halyards don't damage the anodizing when they strike the mast
• Continuous line halyards eliminate the connection between the wire and line that can jam in your mastheadWe recommend your old wire halyards be replaced with our all line Dyneema core halyards

• Outside diameter: 2-3/4"
• Inside diameter: 1/2"
• Width: .6"
• For line size: 3/8"

These sheaves are not suitable for wire halyards. The old phenolic sheaves that were suitable for wire are no longer available. Given that new high tech line that is currently available eliminates the need for wire, there is no longer enough demand to continue fabricating sheaves for wire halyards.

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