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Halyard Lift Block C-42

Part #: T2087



Stainless steel construction with an anodized aluminum sheave. This custom made block is used on the Catalina 42 in that the upside-down shackle is just the right size to fit over the stud provided in the mast collar. It attaches using the included clevis pin. Usage:
Halyard lift block on the Catalina 42.



A 3-5/8" diameter open design sheave creates a large diameter bearing race for the maximum number of ball bearings and minimum friction. Suitable for line to 5/8" diameter. High load Torlon bearings used in this block provide a 3,500 pound working load. They are more resistant to distortion caused by a constant high load as might occur when used as a jib halyard block.

• Shackle pin diameter: 5/16"
• Sheave diameter: 3-5/8"
• Maximum line size: 5/8"
• Bearings: Torlon
• Safe working load: 3,500#

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