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Self Tacking Jib System C-30, C-320

Part #: Z5327
Over the fore deck self tacking jib system for the Catalina 30 and Catalina 320. Non-standard equipment was not supplied for these boats originally. This system is designed for short handed sailing.
We include a curved high beam track that the length can be trimmed to your requirements. The side consoles can also be trimmed in height. The side consoles include a ball joint to adjust the angle of the track and the deck fittings can adjust to your deck camber. The deck fittings also include a clevis pin for easy removal of track system, pull four clevis pins and the consoles and track are free from the mount.

The track car slides with ease on Torlon ball bearings. Same for the two blocks as they also have Torlon bearings to handle the high loads. One block attaches to the clew of the jib and the block with becket attaches to the track car.
• Track (high load, high beam, 35mm height):
    26mm width at base of track
    22mm width at top of track where car is installed
    1700mm length (~67")
    3000mm radius (~118", results in recess in middle of track below uncut tips of ~4-3/4" in the middle)
• End stops
• Deck fittings: Articulating w/clevis pins for easy removal of track and stanchions
• Jib car w/Torlon ball bearings
• Side consoles w/ball joint
• Single block w/ becket and Torlon bearings
• Single block w/ Torlon bearings
(contact us if you require additional components to complete your system)

NOT included: 16 bolts for thru-bolting, along with fender washers, lock washers, and nuts. We are unable to provide fasteners for the mounting pads as the thickness of the fiberglass can vary substantially from one boat to another.
This system is shipped air freight from Sweden changing hands many times. It is likely to arrive with small imperfections that don't effect performance. Please check your parts list to ensure all of the components are included in your shipment.

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