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Deck Chock, Spinnaker or Whisker Pole

Part #: Z5278
Marelon deck chock. Used at the base of the mast for mast stowed poles on boats 25 to 46 feet. An interface block of plastic must be created to match the radius of the face of the mast or it can be mounted to the deck as shown in "More images:" below.
Molded Marelon offers superior strength and corrosion resistance. Marelon is lightweight, corrosion and electrolysis free, ideal for thru-hull valves. Marelon is a modern material formulation of polymer composite compounds that uses resins and additives to produce an extremely strong marine-grade product that will not deteriorate like traditional bronze marine plumbing parts. Ideal for above and below the waterline applications.
• Material: Marelon
• Length: 4-7/8"
• Width maximum: 4-1/4"
• Width minimum: 1-3/4"
• Height maximum: 3-7/8"
• Pin diameter: 7/16"
• Pin length inside (short side): 1-3/4"
• Fasteners: Cleared and countersunk for (3) 1/4" flat head
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