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Engine Control Cable 11'

Part #: F8098
Control cable for either shift or throttle. Suitable for use on Westerbeke Universal Diesel and most Yanmar engine installations.

Our Premium grade cable has a highly efficient "armored" core technology is the best in the industry. Stainless steel flat wire swaged over stainless steel stranded cable and burnished to a smooth, close tolerance finish, provides high flexibility and incredible strength.
The inner liner is specially processed polymer that minimize friction for maximum efficiency. The inside diameter is precisely controlled to minimize lost motion and premature wear, problems that seem to plague most "splined" or "grooved" liners like the original OEM cables. The conduit is a "full complement" of reinforced wires that are placed in a long lay pattern to protect the liner and inner core. The close tolerances achieved between the cable core and conduit result in minimal deflections during cable operation, assuring precise controlling action to the operator.

The outer jacket is heavy duty, high density non-hydroscopic polymer jacket that is extruded onto the conduit for maximum cable strength and abrasion resistance.

The end fittings are 300 series stainless steel and nickel-plated brass and are used throughout to ensure maximum corrosion resistance.

The seals and boots are durable polymer seals and are used to prevent moisture and contaminants from entering the cable.

Many companies outsource their manufacturing to other countries in an effort to save money, but by doing this they lose control over the manufacturing process. Our control cables are manufactured right here in the USA. We’re committed to providing cables that are cost efficient yet made of the highest quality. The three year warranty is the best in the industry and one year greater than the warranty that was included with the original cables.

Typical use for 11 foot cable:
• Catalina 34 transmission: Although Catalina has no record of the cable length used on the C-34 MKI, customers report an 11' transmission cable works better than their original, longer cable installed by the factory. We suspect shorter cables can be used to advantage on boats built until the MKII was introduced in 1994. We suggest you measure your boat to verify that these findings apply to your boat. See note below

See the Engine Control Cable Clamp pictured below under "May we also suggest" to secure the bottom end of the cable to the engine.
• Length from tip to tip: 11'
• Diameter of thread: 10-32
• Travel: 3"
• Minimum bend Radius: 4"
It is wise to check the length of your original cable before ordering as we have encountered installations that were not consistent with the original dimensions as reported by Catalina Yachts.

Caution: Due to the high loads required for their transmissions, this cable cannot be used for the shift cable in an Atomic 4 or Yanmar YSB12 installation.

Technical Support

Engine Control Cable Replacement
Tips and tricks for installing cables in the confines of the pedestal steering

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