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Sure Seal Shaft Seal Kit, 1" Prop Shaft w/ spare seal

Part #: Z4903
Great aftermarket product for drip-free, self-aligning, 1" propeller shaft seal. Includes a spare lip seal stored on the shaft for easy replacement of the lip seal without hauling the boat out and uncoupling the shaft from the transmission.

We recommend a 3/8" ID hose lead up from the shaft seal port to a point above the waterline to burp any air from the shaft seal.
• Sure Seal Shaft Seal with one injection port
• Spare lip seal kit with carrier
• Articulating hose 2" ID and 1-5/8" X 5" length
• Lip seal installation tool
• 1-5/8" hose clamps (x2)
• 2" hose clamps (x2)

Burp hose not included.
Use the following to ensure this kit will work on your boat. As each boat was assembled by hand, clearance between the shaft and the hull can vary from boat to boat.

Largest diameter, on shaft seal: 3-7/8" (or about 1-1/2" + clearance between bottom of shaft and hull required)
Maximum distance forward of forward end of shaft log for start of largest diameter: about 6"
Required shaft log outside diameter: 1-5/8"
Assembled length of seal and hose: Minimum: about 6-7/8", Maximum: about 7-1/4"
Spare lip seal kit thickness not included in assembled length: 1"
Not recommended for use with a four cylinder motor.

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