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Varnish, Semi-Gloss Interior 2001 to 2007, Pint

Part #: Z3324
This Semi-Gloss waterborne varnish coating dries and cures to a very hard, clear film at room temperature without the use of secondary catalysts. Used on the bulkheads and interior cabinetry on Catalinas built from 2001 until 2007.
Application Benefits:
• Multiple coats can be applied within a 24-hour period for faster job completion.
• Thinned with distilled water.
• Can be cleaned up with basic tap water.
• Formulated for spray, brush or pad application for ease of use.

1) Catalina Yachts used Target Coatings satin finishes on boats built in both California and Florida beginning in 1995. Sometime in 2001 it was decided that a bit more gloss on the finish would provide an enhanced appearance. This was initially accomplished by mixing gloss and flat varnish. Soon after, Target formulated a semi-gloss finish to create the same effect. These original products were discontinued due to environmental concerns. The products we offer today are Target Coatings' waterborne replacements formulated to match the original finishes. In 2007 Catalina changed the interior finish to a product by Alternative Finishes.

2) Naturally, when attempting a touch-up repair, the color of the original varnish will have changed. The repair may be visible unless the entire panel is refinished. It is wise to test your touch-up in an out of the way area to discover if you like the appearance before tackling the entire job. If you are not the original owner of the boat, the test area may also alert you of any incompatibilities between products used by previous owners and the new product, which may require removal of the previous finish before proceeding.

3) This product can be used on earlier boats that were finished with different waterborne varnishes which were used starting in the late 80's and are no longer available. The entire panel or section of the boat will need to be refinished, especially if switching from an older Satin finish to the newer Simi-gloss finish.

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Interior Finish History
Catalina Yachts used several different interior finishes during more than four decades of production. Which one was used on your boat?