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Deck Tie-Down U-Bolt Kit C-34, C-36, C-38

Part #: F8110
This deck tie-down is used on the Catalina 34, Catalina 36, and Catalina 38 with keel stepped masts. The load from all of the halyard lift blocks attached to the mast collar are pulling up on the deck. To keep everything in its proper place a turnbuckle located inside of the boat takes this load down to the mast. This U bolt is the attachment point between the underside of the deck and the top T-bolt of the turnbuckle.
The factory typically trimmed the overall length of the threads rather than using a hex nut plus an acorn nut on deck. This minimizes the height of the nuts above the deck where they might interfere with the boom vang or other hardware. You will likely need to trim the length as well.
Diameter: 3/8"
Overall length: 4"
Center to center of the U-bolt (at the base plate): 1-1/2"
Length of threaded studs (from underside of base plate): 2-1/4"

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