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Bilge Pump With Handle
28 GPM

Part #: Z2745
Includes cover plate, fasteners, handle, and mounting template. Original equipment on later Catalina 320's, Catalina 34 MkII, and Catalina 36 MkII.
Since the mounting hole pattern is the same as the smaller 11.4 GPM pump used on thousands of Catalinas, many owners have chosen to upgrade their boat with this much larger capacity pump. Two additional mounting holes are required through the bulkhead, just below the cover plate. Use the Pump Mounting Template PDF below to determine if you have the required space available inside your locker. It may be necessary to upgrade your hoses to a larger diameter.
• Volume at 60 strokes per min: 24 GPM US (20 GPM Imperial)
• Volume at 70 strokes per min: 28 GPM US (23 GPM Imperial)
• Hose diameter: 1-1/2"
• Mounting hole: 3-1/2" diameter
• Mounting flange height: 5-5/16"
• Mounting flange width: 4-7/8"

Flange fastener hole pattern center to center:
• Vertical: 3"
• Horizontal: 3-3/4"

Two fasteners (in addition to the four through the cover plate used on the smaller pump) are required to secure this larger pump to the bulkhead. They are located below the cover plate:
• 3.66" from center of large hole to center of fastener holes.
• See PDF below for details.

Using the same 4 primary mounting holes, the larger pump:
• Extends vertically 1-5/8" below the base of the smaller 11.4 GPM pump.
• Extends horizontally 1.5" farther into your storage locker.

Technical Support

28 GPM Pump Installation & Maintenance
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