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Double Action Galley Foot Pump

Part #: Z1820
Double action refers to this pump's ability to move water on both the down and up stroke of the foot pedal. Push down and one diaphragm moves water as you also compress an internal spring. Release your foot and the compressed spring rebounds, pushing the pedal up moving water with the opposite diaphragm. Up and down motion provides an almost continuous supply of water. Yet, unlike an electric pressure water pump, your precious fresh water doesn't just run down the drain when a land lubber leaves the faucet on while brushing their teeth!
Uses aboard include:
• Providing a convenient method of dispensing fresh water aboard a boat without a pressure water system
• A secondary means of supplying fresh water without the pressure water pump on to conserve your limited fresh water supply
• A source of salt water as an alternative for washing dishes etc. to conserve fresh water
• An easy method of emptying water from the melted ice in your ice box

• Hose connections: 13mm (~1/2")
• Maximum discharge head: 3m (~10')
• Maximum suction lift: 2m (~7')

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