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Steaming Navigation Light

Part #: Z4316

Steaming light for Catalinas 309 and larger when equipped with Seldén rigs.

It has a bright 3 nautical mile range and includes a 25 Watt incandescent light. If you would like to upgrade to LED, see "May we also suggest" below for the appropriate bulb.
Housing has four mounting holes molded in. Each are are sealed with a bit of plastic to allow for opening depending on mounting bracket configuration.

Known Usage:

• Catalina 309
• Catalina 320 MkII
• Catalina 350 MkII
• Catalina 355
• Catalina 385
• Catalina 42
• Catalina 425
• Catalina 445

There may be other models that used this same light fixture as well depending upon who fabricated your particular mast.
• Distance: 3 NM
• Coverage: 225°

• Height: 4-1/8"
• Width: 3-5/8"

• Type: Incandescent
• Watts: 25

US Coast Guard Approved: Yes
Notice that, even though this size light is only required on boats 12 meters and larger (39.37'), the Seldén masts are all equipped with this light, even when used on boats as small as the C-309.

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