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Deck Light Bulb LED 9w

Part #: Z4495
LED upgrade for original incandescent bulb. Some owners have replaced the original 35 watt incandescent bulb with a 50 watt halogen bulb to achieve better deck lighting. We now offer this LED upgrade that offers brightness similar to a 50 watt halogen while only consuming 9 watts.
This bulb is a suitable replacement for both the original separate Aqua Signal deck light Q0080 and Aqua Signal T1971 steaming and deck light combo. The deck light in these installations is typically used in tandem with a steaming light with a 3nm range required on all boats greater than 12 meters (about 39'). This is also the replacement for the deck lights used on Catalina 309s and larger when equipped with Seldén rigs.

Known usage:
• Catalina 309
• Catalina 315
• Catalina 320 MkII
• Catalina 350 MkII
• Catalina 355
• Catalina 375
• Catalina 385
• Catalina 42
• Catalina 425
• Catalina 445

Other Catalinas greater than 39' may have also used the fixture for which this bulb is a replacement depending upon the mast supplier for the particular boat.
• Watts: 9
• Amps: .75
• Brightness: 850 lumens
• Beam angle: 120 degrees

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