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Sea Water Strainer Bronze C-350, C-470

Part #: Z4496
This bronze sea water strainer was installed by Catalina on only a couple of models of which we are currently aware. We are not sure why they used them on just these two models. In fact we don't understand why the use them at all. The Marelon strainers used on most of Catalina's newer boats have both more volume to collect debris without plugging and don't corrode over time as bronze does.
We show the strainer here as a reference for those whose boats are equipped with them since it it wise, if you will be sailing any distance from home, to have a set of replacement gaskets aboard. The spare gaskets can be found under "May we also suggest" below.

Used on:
• Catalina 350
• Catalina 470
• 3/4" NPT female threads for both inlet and outlet ports
• Stainless strainer
• Clear polymer cylinder

If you need a replacement lid or gasket set, see "May we also suggest" below.
C-350, C-470
• Height overall (including wing nut): 8-3/8"
• Cylinder diameter: 3-1/2"

May we also suggest