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Sea Water Strainer Gasket Set Only C-350, C-470

Part #: Z4494
Sea water strainer gasket kit fits the 3-1/2" diameter cast bronze sea water engine intake water strainer pictured below under "More images".
This kit is for units that used rubber cylinder gaskets as opposed to cork. The strainer manufacturer changed from cork to rubber gaskets in about 1998. There is not an exact record of the date the change was made. Cork and rubber gasket sets are not interchangeable. Since production of the Catalina 350 began in January of 2002, all strainers in the C-350 should be rubber. Since the Catalina 470 began production in January of 1998, some of the earliest boats may have strainers that require cork gaskets. Check your strainer before ordering.

If you need the complete strainer, see "May we also suggest" below.

Used on:
• Catalina 350
• Catalina 470
• Cover Gasket (2.25" OD)
• Two cylinder gaskets (each are ~ 3.6" OD for a 3.5" OD cylinder)
Regardless of the vintage of the strainer, the cover gasket is always rubber. It is only the cylinder gaskets that were cork on the early strainers. As a result, if you have an early C-470, you can only know if this all rubber gasket kit will work based on year and actual inspection of the cylinder gaskets. You will have to disassemble the strainer to discover which gaskets your strainer was equipped with. The manufacturer reports that the cork and rubber gaskets are not interchangeable.

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