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Fuel Filter/Separator, Valve for Diesel for Diesel Fuel Tank

Part #: Z2960
Forged brass valve for your Fuel Filter/Separator or diesel fuel tank.

When changing the fuel filter it is likely you will introduce air into the fuel line both upstream and downstream of the filter. The filter has a small hand pump used to bleed the air from the top of the filter body, but it will probably leave air bubbles in the hose downstream of the filter. This may cause you to have to bleed the fuel line to prevent the engine from stalling when the bubbles reach the injectors.
Install this valve on the outflow port of the filter. Close the valve before removing the filter. After replacing the filter, use the hand pump to bleed the air from the filter assembly. Now open the valve. By replacing the filter in this order, you eliminate the the air that might otherwise be introduced into the fuel feed line.

This valve is also used on diesel fuel tanks and is installed on the pickup fitting on the fuel tanks to allow for emergency shut of in case of a runaway engine.

1/4" female pipe thread to 1/4" male pipe thread.

1) The filter is shown for reference only and is not included in the price of the valve.

2) You will need to remove the pickup tube on the fuel tank to be able to install this valve. Make sure you do so prior to installing the fuel tank in your boat.

3) Pipe thread compound is recommended for NPT thread types