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Engine Wiring Harness 16' Extension Replacement, Diesel

Part #: Z2950

Due to a break in the supply chain, this product is currently unavailable.

Some Catalina 34 and Catalina 36 owners report the original wiring harness connecting the engine to the engine panel had no extra slack in their boat. Once the suspect electrical connectors in the system have been removed to facilitate the charging system upgrade, the wires are not long enough to reach the new terminal strips.
This Seaward replacement harness is 16' long, one foot longer than the original harness. It contains nine wires color coded to match the new Universal Diesel standard. All wires are pre-tinned on both ends making the harness easy to install. This harness can typically be used on any Catalina with a Universal Diesel with the exception of the Catalina 30 which is likely to need the 18' harness shown below under "May we also suggest". Owners of some of the other Catalina models have also chosen to use the longer 18' harness to provide more options for routing or instrument panel placement. The choice is yours.

Technical Support

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