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Coupler 4" OD Universal Diesel or Perkins (for purchase w/o new prop shaft)

Part #: Z4018
This is an after market coupler for the forward end of the prop shaft. The output shaft of your transmission is equipped with the mating (but different) end. This coupler is one of two (the other is suitable for use with a Yanmar diesel) that can be ordered for use with your existing propeller shaft.
Four use on:
• Universal diesel engine
• Perkins diesel engine (with a Hurth transmission)

• 2 hardened set screws
• 4 hardened bolts 10mm dia
• 4 nuts
• 4 locking washers

Although this part number is appropriate for either a Universal Diesel or Perkins engine with a 4" OD coupler, We must know the make and model of both your engine and transmission to achieve a proper match.
• Flange diameter: 4"
• Shaft diameter: 1"
• Bolt Circle diameter: 3-1/4"
• Pilot Ring diameter: 2-1/2" (male on shaft end)
1) All transmission couplings require proper fitting & facing to the propeller shaft to ensure concentricity. Specialized machinery and tooling are required to properly install a coupling to a shaft. It is strongly recommended this work be performed by a qualified machine shop or boat yard.

It is also mandatory that the shaft be dimpled to match the coupler set screws prior to use. These dimples prevent the shaft from pulling out of the coupler when the engine is shifted into reverse.

See "Face the Coupler to the Shaft" below for these services to be performed when a new shaft and coupler are purchased as a set.

2) If you would like the OEM part, see part Z2404.