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Packing Kit, Drip-Less Stuffing Box

Part #: Z2381
This hi-tech packing material replaces and outperforms the wax impregnated flax packing originally used by Catalina in all inboard engine prop shaft stuffing boxes.

When flax packing is used, the stuffing box must be adjusted so there is a constant drip of water whenever the engine is running. The water lubricates and cools the packing and reduces shaft wear.
If you have adjusted your stuffing box, you know how difficult it is to allow a drip while the engine is running yet no drip when the engine is off. As a result, there is always water in the bilge even though you'd like the bilge to be dry. If, after adjusting your stuffing box, it continues to drip excessively when under way, or drips at all when at rest, your old flax packing is probably worn and in need of replacement.

Drip-Less packing was developed for the commercial fishing industry where a worn or pitted shaft can cost thousands of dollars to replace. It is designed to conform to a damaged shaft with every revolution, so it is ideal if your shaft is pitted or scored. The packing and lubricant is so slick that it can be adjusted snug (never tight) with no drip, yet not damage or overheat the shaft.

Here's how it's used:
1) Remove the three rings of old packing carefully without damaging them.
2) Apply the included Syn-Tef lubricant to one of the old flax rings. Reinstall this ring.
3) Shape the new packing into a ring of a similar size and shape to one of the old flax rings (usually 1/4" x 1/4").
4) Insert this new ring into the stuffing box in place of the old center ring of flax packing.
5) Apply lubricant to another old ring and insert it into the stuffing box.

The old flax rings serve to hold the new plastic stuffing material in place. The new packing is what seals the shaft. The special lubricant and packing eliminate the need for water to lubricate and cool the rotating shaft.

Advantages compared to other sealing methods:
• Lower cost than a PSS or similar "maintenance-free" stuffing box replacement.
• Far easier and therefore less expensive installation.
• Truly a do-it-yourself project.
• Will last many seasons of typical use in your Catalina without maintenance, far longer than original flax packing.
• Packing can be serviced without removing the prop shaft from the boat.
• A dry bilge reduces damage to keel bolts and lowers the humidity in the boat.

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