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Hatch & Pop Top Foam Gasket White

Part #: Z2355
Our white closed cell foam replaces the original equipment black foam rubber material used on early Catalinas. It is also a superior replacement for Catalina's later white foam material.

Our replacement is better than either. The original black material degrades over time. As it does, it often transforms into a mass of black gooey substance. It then no longer seals and is almost impossible to remove.
Catalina's original white gasket was a vast improvement in material. But it was taller than it was wide which made it prone to "falling over" when compressed by the hatch. Our new gasket is wider than it is tall and is therefore more stable when installed. The increased width provides a more positive seal to the deck flange.

• Old white gasket: 9/16" high X only 1/2" wide X 17' long
• This new gasket: 5/8" high X 3/4" wide X 25' long

Unlike weather strip material typically found in a hardware store, this foam is a closed cell EVA foam which won't absorb water. It is much higher density than the hardware store variety as well, providing a more positive seal.

Used on all Catalinas built before the introduction of a gasket that lives in a groove in the deck flange. It is secured on its 3/4" self adhesive side to the underside of the hatch or pop top.