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Hatch Latch Cockpit Seat Locker w/Key

Part #: Z5080
White polymer locking cockpit seat latch replacement for the original but discontinued stainless latch.
After a wide-ranging search for a compatible replacement, we now offer this American made retrofit. Locking, supplied with two keys.
1) Retain your original latch assembly since you must reuse the original custom cam bar in order to match your boat's original installation. Drill a hole for the latch assembly using the included mounting template. Assemble the new latch using the original custom cam bar in place of the new one supplied.

2) DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN MOUNTING SCREWS! Over tightening the screws will cause the plastic mounting flange to crack. Failure due to over tightening is not covered under warranty. Your only solution will be to purchase a new part.