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Engine Control Cable Clevis Small 10-32

Part #: Z3373
This clevis is used inside of the steering pedestal to connect the engine control cables to the levers of the clutch and throttle control unit. See may we also suggest for engine connection options.
The long barrel has a 10-32 female thread that matches the male thread on each end of our standard control cables. It is long to provide cable adjustment that changes the relationship between the angle of the lever on the pedestal and the lever at the engine.
There are two instances where it is necessary to use a larger clevis. (see May we also suggest below).
1) When the boat is equipped with an Atomic 4 gasoline engine, the transmission uses a larger cable with a 5/16-24 thread.

2) When the boat does not have pedestal steering, the factory used the same two lever engine control with round plastic knobs at the ends of removable handles. This engine control was originally designed for use with the Atomic 4 engine. Even if the boat was equipped with a diesel engine that didn't require the large cable for the transmission, the installation required a large transmission cable in order to fit the engine control unit. Again, you must use the larger clevis pictured below.

Technical Support

Engine Control Cable Replacement
Tips and tricks for installing cables in the confines of the pedestal steering

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