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Engine Control Retrofit Diesel Clutch and Throttle

Part #: Z2288
For upgrading a boat with cockpit mounted engine controls to pedestal mounted controls.

Includes stainless steel handles for throttle and clutch control attached to it's housing, includes clevises, cable holder, bolts for anchoring, and directional stickers. For precision control this unit has a throttle friction adjustment screw inside the housing. Aluminum housing matches original Edson pedestal. Mounts to top of the pedestal, between the pedestal and the compass.
If you have a Edson pedestal, this is a very easy installation. Although it's not likely you have noticed it, your pedestal already has a hole covered by a white plastic plug. This hole is used to mount the cable holder (the white clamp shown in the photo above) to the pedestal. The cable holder secures the top ends of the cables and holds them aft, away from the steering cables to avoid chafe. Simply remove the compass, bolt on the new ring assembly with the four bolts provided. Fasten the engine control cables, then reinstall the compass.

We have encountered owners who report their boats are equipped with various other pedestal brands including Yacht Specialties, Merriman and others. For those who have a different brand of pedestal, we offer the following dimensions for your use in comparing the new part to your existing pedestal:
• Overall diameter: 6-7/8"
• Mounting holes center to center: 5-1/4"
• Fastener diameter: 1/4"
• Height: 2-3/8"
1) This unit should only be used with 6-7/8" diameter top, 33 series cables which are common on most, but not all, diesel powered Catalinas.

2) Before ordering, confirm engine installation is compatible with this unit. Engine installations which use larger diameter 64 series for the shift cable (the Atomic 4 and some early Yanmar engines for example) require a different assembly (see below).

3) Attention Universal 5411 owners! All newer Universal Diesels are configured such that when the throttle cable pulls on the throttle lever at the engine, engine speed increases. This clutch and throttle control retrofit is manufactured to match this configuration. The 5411 is an exception to this rule.

On the 5411, to increase engine speed the cable must push on the engine's throttle lever. Before Universal was purchased by Westerbeke, Universal offered a throttle reversing kit. Unfortunately, Westerbeke has never offered this reversing kit and was not able to locate the original drawings. One of our customers in Vermont modified his engine with a reversing kit he fabricated himself. You can see his results in the photo below under "More images".

There is one additional challenge with the 5411 in that engine kill is achieved by pulling the throttle past slow idle. If you choose to upgrade to pedestal mounted engine controls, you must be careful for provide this functionality via the configuration and adjustment of your cables and custom linkage.

Technical Support

Engine Control Cable Replacement
Tips and tricks for installing cables in the confines of the pedestal steering