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Emergency Tiller Kit, 1-15/16" O.D. Universal

Part #: Z3487
The emergency tiller provides a means by which your boat can be steered in the event of a wheel steering system failure. It is a critical safety item aboard your boat.

There are a number of dimensions that vary from one boat to the next. All of these dimensions on the tiller must match the dimensions on your boat for the tiller assembly to fit. As a result, until recently every replacement emergency tiller had to be machined individually to match your particular boat. As you can imagine, making each part custom drives up the cost and causes long lead times.

Catalina Direct has eliminated these problems by creating two different models, each of which accommodates several variables. This allows us to carry stock parts on the shelf for quick delivery.
Variables for proper fit include:
Outside diameter of the rudder shaft. Different boats use different size rudder shafts.
Inside diameter of the rudder shaft. Some boats require the additional strength of a double wall rudder shaft. The double wall reduces the inside diameter. Since the rudder shaft extension fits inside of the rudder shaft, this change necessitates a change in the diameter of the rudder shaft extension. We offer two diameters. This part number, Z3487, has an outside diameter of 1-15/16"

The rudder retaining bolt varies in diameter. This bolt is at the top of the rudder shaft. The machined slot in the bottom of the rudder shaft extension engages the rudder retaining bolt. Our rudder shaft extension is machined with a 1/2" wide slot. It is a direct fit to rudders with a 1/2" rudder retaining bolt. If your boat has a 3/8" diameter rudder retaining bolt, we include a sleeve in every kit to adapt the 3/8" bolt to the 1/2" wide slot for a proper fit.

Different boat models were equipped with different length rudder shaft extensions. Catalina Direct's rudder shaft extension has tiller holes at two locations. Use it as is or trim as desired for easier storage aboard smaller boats. The Catalina 270, 28, and 30 typically use a 28" long vertical shaft.

Known uses (boats with single wall rudder shaft):
• Catalina 270
• Catalina 28
• Catalina 30 1986, Hulls #4725 and later

Known uses (boats with double wall rudder shaft)
• Catalina 350 2008 and later
• Catalina 375 2008 and later
• Catalina 400 2008 and later
• Catalina 42 2008 and later
• Catalina 445
• Any replacement rudder built with double wall construction
• 35" stainless steel vertical rudder shaft extension
• Emergency tiller with grip, clevis pin & cotter ring, bolt and nylock nut for proper attachment to rudder shaft extension. (30" long from bend)
• Bag, heavy duty, with draw string
• Bushing for retainer bolt (some configurations may not require)
• Instructions

1) Always verify the inside diameter of your rudder post. This kit is for a rudder shaft with an inner diameter of approximately 1-15/16". If the inside diameter is about 2-5/16" see part #Z3486 listed below under "May we also suggest".

2) OEM rudder posts are filled with foam that is then ground out or drilled out to make room for the emergency tiller. The shafts in this kit require ~ 3" of clearance below the retainer bolt.

3) The bushing will need to be trimmed to fit the inside of your rudder post.

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