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Mast Step C-34, C-350, C-36 Furling Mast, C-387

Part #: F8046
No longer available.

This is the mast step for the Catalina 34 furling mast, Catalina 350, Catalina 36 furling mast, Catalina 387 furling and non-furling rig. This step was used on the deck stepped C-34 furling mast, some of the deck stepped Catalina 350 furling masts and the keel stepped C-36 furling mast. When equipped with the standard (non-furling) mast, a different step is used.
• Length Fore and Aft: 10-1/4"
• Width Port and Starboard: 7-1/4"
• Base Height: 5/8"
• Overall Height: 1-1/8"
1) This mast step fits boats with the optional furling mast only.

2) When used during production, the Catalina factory modified this part for an appropriate fit for the boat it was fitted to. The modified part is no longer available.

3) When used on the deck stepped C-34 mast, all 4 corners must be trimmed by the customer to accommodate the halyard plate.

4) When used on the keel stepped C-36, the forward starboard corner of the step must be trimmed by the customer to accommodate the shape of the cabin sole. In either case, the mast step must be drilled for your boat's mounting bolts.

5) The Catalina 350 furling mast step did not require any modifications. However later Catalina 350s did have a different mast step that would work for either the standard non-furling rig, or the furling rig, so your mast step might look different. This part is only for the in mast furling rig.