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Door Latch, Clamshell

Part #: Z3342
Compact clam shell latch for interior swing doors on boats built since about March of 2000. Examples include head doors and aft cabin doors. Fits 1-1/8" door thickness. This latch assembly replaces the older clam shell shaped latch. It will not replace earlier rim latches from Perko that had a rectangular escutcheon plate on each side of the door (used until the mid 90's). It will also not fit in place of the rectangular clam shell latch used from the mid 90's through March of 2000.
This latch can be found on the following boats built after March of 2000:
• (1) per boat: Catalina 250, Catalina 28, Catalina 30
• (2) per boat: Catalina 270, Catalina 320, Catalina 34 MkII, Catalina 400
• (4) per boat: Catalina 350, Catalina 36 MkII, Catalina 42 MkII 2 & 3 Cabin Pullman
• (5) per boat: Catalina 42 MkII Cabin Centerline, Catalina 425
• (6) per boat: Catalina 445

• Height of clamshell: 90mm (3-1/2")
• Width of clamshell: 69mm (2-3/4")
• For door thickness: 28.5mm (1-1/8")
• Handle length overall: 83mm (3-1/2")

Be very mindful of how you install the locking tab. This is a universal design that will fit an in-swing or out-swing door, either left or right hand. You have four positions for the locking tab, but only one chance to choose correctly. if you insert the locking tab into the wrong place for your application, it cannot be removed and will not work properly (the locking tab could end up on the outside of the head door for example).

Once you install the locking tab, the latch assembly cannot be returned or exchanged so choose carefully! C-425, C-445

Technical Support

Z3342 Door Latch Installation Instructions
Preview the simple pictographic installation instructions.