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Head Mixer Faucet Replacement Cartridge

Part #: Z5461
Replacement faucet cartridge for our Z4347 faucet typically used on the Catalina 350 and Catalina 387.
• Remove pop in hot/cold indicator below handle.
• Use 2.5 mm Allen wrench to loosen screw securing handle assembly to cartridge.
• Use 27 mm socket to remove threaded black retaining ring.
• Swap out cartridge with larger notch point towards the handle as original was oriented.
• Reinstall handle and tighten Allen screw against new cartridge.
• Snap hot/cold indicator back into place making sure it is oriented correctly.
• Diameter, large: 35mm (~1-3/8")
• Diameter, small: 23.5mm (~15/16")
• Height, overall: 60mm (~2-3/8)
• Handle attachment post: 9mm square (~3/8 square)

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