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Propane Locker Lid Only Retrofit

Part #: Z2764
Retrofit lid to accommodate taller propane tanks with new mandated overfill prevention device or OPD inside of the tank.
Since 2002 propane tanks are required to have an overfill protection device. Unfortunately this requirement caused a problem for many sailors. If your boat uses a small 4 pound (1 gallon) tank that is enclosed in a blue plastic locker, the OPD equipped tanks will not fit. These small tanks had to be made taller for the OPD to fit inside of the tank. The extra tank height means the tank will no longer fit in the locker.

Catalina Direct has a solution. Our retrofit lid accommodates the taller tank without having to replace the entire locker. Our retrofit lid includes a safety sticker and gasket as well as the female threaded inserts for the latch catch fasteners. You must install the latch catches from your old lid onto the new lid using your existing fasteners.

A properly installed tank locker is absolutely essential for a safe propane system installation. The locker should be equipped with a bottom drain for proper ventilation overboard.
• Overall: 13-1/4" Square
• Clearance required in boat's compartment above existing locker (not including the height of the old lid): ~2-5/8" (also the overall height of the new lid)
• Inside depth of lid recess: 1-7/8"
• Height of new lid above locker once installed: ~2"