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Propane Tank Solenoid

Part #: Z4583
Solenoid for propane tank. Installed inside of a sealed tank locker that is vented overboard, it provides for a means to stop the flow of propane quickly from inside the cabin. This is an especially important safety feature in the event of a galley fire but is also used to shut off the propane supply any time the propane system is not actively in use.

Drop in replacement for the original solenoid used inside a plastic Seaward brand propane locker or a fiberglass locker built into your later model Catalina. Uses the same fittings and mounting hole pattern as the original solenoid that was supplied by Catalina. Check the dimensions of your current solenoid to ensure it wasn't replaced by a previous owner with off brand.
The inlet and outlet ports are labeled on the stainless steel body. Typically you are able to reuse your existing pipe fittings.
• Stainless steel body
• Plastic coil
• Two wire system
Height: 2-7/8
• Width: 1-29/32"
• In/outlet threads: 1/4" female pipe thread

• Hole Spacing: 1-1/4"
• Size: 10-32
• Thread depth: 7/16"

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