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Propane Tank Seaward Remote Panel

Part #: Z2667
This panel supplies power to the solenoid that controls the flow of propane to the stove.
The solenoid is fail-safe in that propane flows only when the solenoid has power. In a power failure, propane is automatically cut off to the interior of the boat. The panel includes a breaker to protect the circuit and a red light indicating the solenoid is energized and gas is flowing.

Dimensions: 4-1/2" x 3-1/4"
1) Caution: Always switch the gas off when the stove is not in use. It is safest to switch the solenoid off while the burner is still lit, When the flame burns all of the gas out of the line, it will extinguish itself. Now, turn the valve off at the appliance. In this way you are ensured there is no gas in the hoses that can leak into the bilge through a faulty valve at the appliance.

Caution! Only use warm soapy water, no degreasers or harsh chemical cleaners, to clean the plastic panels.

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Propane Safety Instructions
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