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Propane Tank Solenoid

Part #: Z2975
No longer available. We offer a drop-in replacement. Please see "May we also suggest" below.
Replacement part for all Catalina factory LP gas installations. A control panel is required to be mounted below, within reach of the galley stove. Always installed downstream of the pressure regulator, but within the sealed, vented propane locker. It is rated at 15lb maximum pressure. Also standard equipment in our 1 gallon and 2-1/2 gallon propane lockers.

Warning! For use only in an approved, vented propane locker. Never use without a proper remote LPG control panel.

1) In some cases the solenoid is supplied with three wires, whereas the original may have only had two wires. If this is the case, refer the included wiring diagram. The diagram should read "Note: the wires are non polarized. One is positive, the other is negative. The green wire is not used in this application." If the wiring diagram is not included or this text is not included on the wiring diagram, please call tech support

2) Our solenoids come with 2 yellow wires and 1 green wire with yellow strip and your old solenoid may have had either 2 red or 2 yellow wires with 1 green wire with yellow strip.

Technical Support

Propane Safety Instructions
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