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Support Arm For Icebox, Nav Station, or Storage Locker Lids

Part #: Z4237
This high quality, Japanese made support arm is often used to hold a lid open to provide convenient access. All stainless steel, this is the highest quality support arm we have seen.

It's lift-to-latch, lift-to-unlatch design prevents smashed fingers common with the old spring-in-column design that allows the hatch lid to drop on your fingers if you happen to tap it accidentally. The only failure that has been reported is when only one was used on a giant lid under a berth where the weight of the lid and cushion should have dictated the use of two supports, one for each end of the lid.
Also referred to as an adjuster

Sold each.
Includes a self latching feature. Lift the lid and release to lock the support arm in the up position. Another lift and the support arm latch releases allowing the lid to close.

Typical uses:
• Ice box lids
• Nav station lids
• Hinged storage compartment lids (use two for large lockers or lockers under berths where the cushions must be held up as well)

• Type 304 Stainless steel
Lengths from hinge pivot to hinge pivot:
• Collapsed: about 6-5/8"
• Extended and latched: about 10-5/8"
• Fully extended: about 11-1/8"