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Gate Stanchion Set of 4, C-380 with Socket Support

Part #: Z3203

Improved gate stanchion for early Florida built Catalina 380's with high/low stanchion bases, set of four. Replacement for earlier style stanchions that only had flattened rods for stanchion support mounted to the deck, with the bases on the toerail often only supported by a tube or two fasteners.

The original support legs were smaller 3/4" diameter tubing at an angle to the main stanchion with a single fastener securing them to the toe rail. The support legs on these replacement stanchions are larger at 1" diameter.

This stanchion set upgrade is similar to the original design but stronger. In the additional images below, notice how the original reinforcement rods have been replaced by plates that mount to the deck as well as the toe rail. In addition, we use thicker (0.130") stainless than the later designed stanchions that had originally (0.115") for the mounting bases.

Some early designs only used the 1" stanchion tubes extended into the toerail as the support outboard, while others had flush tubes welded to a flat plate with two fasteners. These replacements have the plate with fasteners on the toerail as well as the extended stanchion tubes to make for most robust replacements possible.

• Top of toerail to top of stanchions: 23-1/2"
• Top of toerail to center of top lifelines: 23"
• High/low offset from deck to top of toerails: about 1"
• Distance from top of main stanchion to center of weld for support legs: 4-1/2"
• Diameter of primary stanchions: 1"
• Diameter of brace tubes: 1" (Use a single fastener at the top of the toerail)
• Center to center from primary to secondary leg bases: about 12-3/4"
• Center of brace tubes to center of single fastener hole on toerails: about 1"

• Single 1/4" hole at base of support legs.
• Two 1/4" holes at deck level of main bases on 3-1/2"" centers.
• Two 1/4" holes o toe rail level on about 2-1/8" centers.
• 1" outside diameter tube, depth into toerail: about 1"

Caution! Although we believe this is the correct part, be sure to measure carefully to ensure Catalina used the earlier style parts on your boat for which this set is intended to be a replacement. Catalina's vendor was inconsistent with their supply of these stanchions especially during early production.

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