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Single Block 2", 3/8" w/Swivel D Shackle: Halyard Block

Part #: Z2161
Single swivel block, stainless steel cheeks with stainless shackle, machined sheave with ball bearings. Swivel function can be locked at 90 degree intervals.
This is a very versatile block that can be used for many functions aboard many Catalina models. Below are just a few examples:

• On the mast step halyard plate as a halyard lift block
• A racing spinnaker halyard block on a spinnaker crane for a C-22 or C-25
• Mainsheet boom blocks for mid-boom sheeting on a Capri 26
• Light air cruising spinnaker halyard block on a C-27 or C-270

To prevent the line from twisting or binding when used in a cascade or mainsheet system this block is supplied with a feature to lock the rotation of the shackle that is on top of the body of the block. With the use of an Allen wrench, tighten the set screw to lock the shackle in position. When used as a swiveling block, ensure the set screw is not tightened and the swiveling shackle can self-align to find the fairest lead.
• Shackle pin diameter: 3/16"
• Sheave diameter: 2"
• Sheave width: 9/16"
• Line diameter: 3/8"
• Shackle pin diameter: 3/16"
• Overall height (w/o shackle): 3-1/2"
• Bearings: Delrin
• Safe working load: 1150 pounds
Smaller boats, anything under 30' but especially a 22 or 25, have a lot of congestion at the top of the mast. When spinnaker gear is deployed with furling gear there isn't much room for everything to function independently.

After dousing the spinnaker and before unfurling the genoa, you will want to pull the spinnaker halyard block aft by flipping the lazy halyard around the upper shrouds and aft of the spreaders. This will avoid the spinnaker halyard becoming tangled in the top swivel of a Harken, Schaefer or Selden furler.