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Emergency Tiller Kit, C-30

Part #: Z4654
The emergency tiller provides a means by which your boat can be steered in the event of a wheel steering system failure. It is a critical safety item aboard your boat.

This design for the Catalina 30 replaces the little 15" long emergency tiller that originally came with wheel steered boats. Everyone knows that a 15" tiller might get you back into your slip if the wheel steering fails inside of the breakwater while entering your marina. But let's face it. Your wheel steering is most likely to fail in heavy winds and following seas, conditions in which a 15" long tiller will never do.
We modified this idea from the emergency tiller kits now included with larger Catalinas. We tried it on our Catalina 30 test boat, Shellback. It works great, even with the wheel in place. If it is necessary to steer hard over and the wheel is still on, you will have to raise or lower the end of the emergency tiller to avoid hitting the wheel. If you are offshore and will have a long passage back, you may want to remove the wheel for additional clearance and reduced inertia from the steering system. When you tack, just flop the tiller to the opposite side of the wheel.

• Emergency tiller with grip (30" long from the bend)

1) Test fit this to your boat immediately upon receipt so that you'll know for certain that it is configured correctly for your boat. The first time you need it would be a most unfortunate time to discover that it doesn't work on your boat for some reason!

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