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OneDrop, Ball Bearing Conditioner

Part #: Z3702
This is ball bearing conditioner that works with only one drop as it lubricates, conditions and protects traveler and battcar bearings.
• Improves bearing performance by reducing rolling friction
• Conditions and lubricates ball bearing surface to keep them rolling freely and evenly
• Prevents bearings from skidding and sliding
• Repels salt, dirt, and other debris that reduce bearing performance.
• Unlike WD-40 and Sailkote, Onedrop conditions the bearings to keep the bearings rollingas opposed to sliding and creating flat spots on the bearings.
Avoid direct contact with skin. (If contact does occur wash skin with soap and water.)
My husband introduced me to this product while I was assisting him in getting a boat ready for the Pacific Cup a few years ago. I always thought that it was the same as WD-40 or Sailkote, but he educated me on how they differ. Where as WD-40 is not a true lubricant and Sailkote is a dry lubricant, the OneDrop is a ball bearing conditioner and will help ball bearings roll as opposed to slide which WD-40 and Sailkote will do. If your ball bearings slide and not roll they will get flat and jam your traveler cars, blocks or even halyard sheaves.

I keep an extra tube in my gear bag in case I need to service a ball bearing item out on the water, as it only takes one drop to condition a block.

C-30 Delta Mist
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