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Traveler Upgrade to Flat Track C-36
<-1986 (No Vent)

Part #: A8262

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This traveler replaces your original, arched mid boom traveler used on the Catalina 36 through 1986. (In 1987 Catalina switched to a flat track, but for a time continued to use a NICRO traveler that was not robust enough for the task.) As you have probably noticed, the arch on the original traveler causes it to be difficult to adjust. The distance between the boom and the traveler increases as the car is eased away from the centerline of the boat. As a result, when the mainsheet. is strapped in going to weather, the traveler will not move to leeward when the traveler control is released. This flat track eliminates the problem.
In addition, recirculating ball bearings support the load on the traveler car without binding. Control lines and cleats provide mechanical advantage to bring the car to weather. Even under high mainsheet loads, one can trim the traveler car with ease.

The kit includes track, car, control blocks, and stainless steel risers. The risers are available that interface between the original angled molded in fiberglass risers (provided for the original curved track) and the new flat track, or as stand alone risers that mount directly to the deck of an earlier boat.

Mounting screws for the risers to be installed to the deck should be 1/4" flathead fasteners, we do not include these as you could possibly reuse your old ones. We are unable to provide them or the fasteners for the halyard lift turning blocks as the thickness of the fiberglass can vary substantially from one boat to another.

If boat is equipped with a dodger:
Order the traveler control dodger retrofit kit below.
1) This traveler, with it's control lines forward of the track, will interfere with the optional cowl vents used on early Catalina 36. If you have cowl vents, order A8264 found below under "May we also suggest"

2)This custom made part is not returnable. Be certain of the year of your boat and if you have angled fiberglass risers or a flat surface for mounting before ordering. Other versions fitting different risers are available upon request.

3) The traveler assembly is an oversize item which does not conform to our standard shipping policies. Call 800-959-7245 (800-959-SAIL) for a shipping estimate.

4) When you order a special order item it sets off a chain of events like Willie Wonka in the chocolate factory. Once you turn the valve the chocolate is coming down the pipe. If you then decide you want caramel, the chocolate is still going to come out of the pipe. We can't put the Chocolate back in the pipe, so someone is going to have to eat it, and it's not going to be us! Your order can't be canceled, returned, or magically changed into caramel, so please order carefully the first time!