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Boom Extrusion Anodized & Machined C-30, C-34, C-36

Part #: F8069

Please call for the current price of this spar and discuss options. 

Extrusion only for the Catalina 30, Catalina 34, and Catalina 36 standard rig only.

This machined extrusion includes
no hardware. The holes and slots for the internal reefing sheave boxes have been machined along with the slots for the gooseneck and boom end castings. Holes whose position vary from boat to boat such as those for the boom vang and mainsheet block boom bails will require drilling with standard drill bits. If your boom has external reefing, you might consider upgrading to one of these booms.
This same extrusion was used for the Catalina 28 as well but at a length of 11'-2". The aft end of these booms can be trimmed and machined by the customer for use on the Catalina 28. The Catalina 36 tall rig requires a length of 13'-6". Contact our technical support department should you need a boom of a different length.

We have only nine of these machined extrusions left as of this writing.
• Length: 12'-6"
• Height: 5"
• Width: 3.25"
1) This item does not conform to the shipping table in the Shopping Cart. Additional shipping must be calculated. When you place your order we always call with a shipping quote before billing your card. For a quote in advance, just call 800/959-7245.

2) An additional packaging charge also applies to this item. A quantity of thirteen feet (13) of part #CRATE36 must be added to the order. See the "Required Packaging Charge" displayed below.

3) This is the last of the available inventory of these extrusions. They are not pristine new inventory extruded last week. They are from the last batch of spars extruded years ago and therefore have some cosmetic imperfections due to years of storage. The machining was accomplished without the benefit of the original jigs and fixtures. Although we had a very well known and reputable spar company complete the machining based on the original drawings, the end result was not as clean and perfectly symmetrical as the original booms were. See the photos displayed under "More images" below for the worst examples of these imperfections on various booms.

4) This boom was used on several different boats. Some of those boats were equipped with either end boom or mid boom sheeting depending upon their vintage. Some had traditional vangs and some had rigid vangs. As a result, fastener holes for both the boom vang and mainsheet boom bails cannot be drilled in advance. Although all of the difficult to machine shapes are complete, you will need to drill holes for these parts.

5) Given the size and nature of these products, all sales are final. No returns will be entertained.