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Chainplate Cover Upgrade (PR)
C-34, C-36

Part #: Z3511
Chainplate cover upgrade for the Catalina 34, and 36. This improved design includes a "box" or spigot that gives you a second surface for sealant to bond to, improving protection to the wood core at the chainplate. The cover is mounted on deck with the spigot up. Suitable for use on either the upper or lower chainplates on either boat.
These are sold in pairs, so a maximum of 3 sets per boat are usually all that are required.

Cover Plates are installed on deck with the spigot up, proud of the deck. This raises the seal above the standing waterline and gives much more area for the sealant to bond.
• Length (outside): 3-1/2"
• Length (inside): 2-1/8"
• Width (outside): 1-1/2"
• Width (inside): 5/8"
• Mounting hole diameter: 3/16"
• Mounting hole spacing: 2-13/16" Center to Center
• Height of spigot from bottom of plate: 1/2"
On occasion, the deck of your boat can be thicker than expected. In this case, the overall height of the spigot can interfere with the bottom to the turnbuckle toggle. If this is true it will be necessary to grind a small crescent at the top of the spigot to accommodate the turnbuckle toggle.

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