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Chainplate Set, Upper, C-36, Top Portion, 2002->

Part #: A8346
These chainplates used on the Catalina 36 for connecting the upper shrouds. An improved cover plate for use topsides is available to ensure a watertight seal where the chainplate penetrates the deck. (See "May we also suggest" below).
If your boat has experienced a leak at the chainplate, remove the entire chainplate from the boat and inspect it carefully. Salt water held against the stainless steel for an extended period at deck level will often cause crevice corrosion that will not be visible from above or below. This corrosion can compromise the integrity of your entire rig.

In around 2002 the design of the upper chainplates was changed to a two piece design that sandwiches the deck. This chainplate set is for that design.

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