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Chainplate Upper Shrouds (PR), C-36

Part #: A8296
This is one example of a custom fabricated set of upper shrouds chainplates for the Catalina 36. These chainplate include the integral, welded on backing plates for added strength under the deck. A cover plate for use topsides is provided to ensure a watertight seal where the chainplate penetrates the deck.
Note that this customer had the assembly fabricated with holes where the chainplates mount to the bulkhead. They can also be provided without fastener holes that will allow you the customer to drill the holes after test fitting and marking the chainplate using the actual bulkhead holes as a template. This guarantees an exact fit to the bulkhead mounting holes that were originally drilled by hand using the original chainplate as the template.

This is only one configuration of chainplate that is possible. We are aware that earlier Catalina 36's use different configurations depending upon the age of your boat. We will need your old chainplates to match. Due to subtle changes during production, it is not possible to fabricate custom chainplates without having your old chainplate as an example. We both mechanically polish and then electropolish the completed chainplates. These steps are imperative to prevent immediate degradation of the assembly, particularly where the chainplates pass through the deck, soon after installation.

If your boat has experienced a leak at the chainplate, remove the entire chainplate from the boat and inspect it carefully. Salt water held against the stainless steel for an extended period at deck level will often cause crevice corrosion that will not be visible from above or below. This corrosion can compromise the integrity of your entire rig.

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