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Lower Shroud Tie Rod Sleeve & Threaded Bushing C-36 Set of 4

Part #: A8307
This kit includes a set (4 of each) of the threaded bushings into which the upper portion of the lower shroud tierods screw as well as the sleeves that fit over the bushing to keep the tierods centered between the chainplate ears. Used on the Catalina 36's.
The threaded bushings are 1" diameter stainless steel rod, 1.8" long, that are drilled and tapped for the 1/2" diameter tierods.

The outer stainless steel bushings have 1 1/8" outside diameter and a 1" inside diameter and are 1 1/8" long. The bushings have a hole cleared in the side for the 1/2" tierods.. Note that the chainplates can flex during fabrication, so the sleeves might have to be ground down slightly to provide proper clearance between the ears.

If your boat has experienced a leak at the chainplate, remove the entire chainplate from the boat and inspect it carefully. Salt water held against the stainless steel for an extended period at deck level will often cause crevice corrosion that will not be visible from above or below. This corrosion can compromise the integrity of your entire rig. Leaks can often damage these threaded bushings and sleeves as well as the tierods, so inspect each component of the rig support carefully.