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Boom Vang Bracket, Rigid

Part #: Z3361
Custom boom vang bracket to mount on the boom for a rigid or line vang. Order this custom made, one-off part as a replacement for damaged or broken bracket.

The photo at the left shows just one example of a custom bracket. The particular bracket pictured fits the boom on a Capri 22, Catalina 250, and late Catalina 27s. It matches the boom section that had a rib down the bottom of the boom. See "More Images:" below for a picture of the bracket as it fits on this boom.
These parts are a myriad of shapes and sizes depending upon the particular boat, year, vang, and boom section it is used on. Because there are so many possibilities, no one shape is sold in quantities large enough that allow to be carried on the shelfPlease provide the following information in the memo field when you place your order online:
• Bracket type: Boom or Mast
• Boat model:
• Type of mast if for mast bracket: In mast furling or non-furling rig

1) A 50% nonrefundable deposit will be billed when your order for this item is accepted. The balance will be billed when the product ships.

2) This part does not include any aluminum castings that may have been part of the original installation. This part number is for the welded stainless steel components only.

3) Since all of these parts were essentially custom made by one guy at a welding bench, we will need you old part to match the design, shape, and mounting hole pattern as well as a photograph of your installation. No exceptions. Even if it is broken, send us the pieces.

4) This is a custom made part. You provide the information we need to build this product for you. Once you order it we are going to build it just for you, just as you asked. We never want to see it again, and no one else wants it either. So be careful and order it correctly the first time because it can't be canceled, returned, or magically changed into something different!