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Mast Padeye C-34, C-36

Part #: Z3004
Used below decks to attach the deck to the mast via a turnbuckle.

All of the control lines on deck, especially the main and jib halyards, exert a significant load lifting the deck at the mast collar where the halyard lift blocks are attached. The turnbuckle, attached to this padeye at the mast, transmits this load to the mast and prevents the deck from rising.
• Base width 3/4"
• Base height: 3-1/4"
• Mounting holes spacing center to center: 2-3/8"
• Mounting hole diameter: 3/8"
• Rod diameter: 5/16"

Caution: When attached to the mast, the base of the padeye is to be slid into the sail track before the mast is lowered fully onto the mast step. The load is thereby distributed to the mast along the full length of the strap's base rather than to just the fastener. It provides much more strength than relying solely upon the threads tapped into the aluminum mast.