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Masthead Weldment C-34, C-36

Part #: Z3358
Masthead weldment only for the Catalina 34 and Catalina 36. This is just the basic part without any additional components. We also offer the additional items you may need to replace other worn or corroded components. See "May we also suggest" below.

• Overall length, fore and aft: 15"
• Height, bottom of upper plate to bottom of lower plates: 4.18"
• Overall width of top plate: 5.6"
• Width, outside of vertical walls: 2"

1) Drawings for this part call out different revisions over the years, but do not note the exact changes. This part was known to be used on Catalina 34s and Catalina 36s non-furling rigs, built after 1999 or 2000 model year boats. If you have a 2000 model year boat or earlier, please verify that the dimensions match your existing part before placing your order.

2) Some Catalina 34s and Catalina 36s built in the 80's had a much larger masthead. The earlier masthead was approximately 1" longer fore and aft and 2" higher than this masthead.

We have checked with the original vendor to see if they have any left over parts available to sell and they do not. The vendor was also unable to provide drawings to facilitate the fabrication of replacement parts for the older, larger masthead. If you find you have one of these larger mastheads, there are several options:

• Have a machine shop refurbish your old masthead. Be sure it is anodized again after any welding or machining is completed.

• Have a fabricator create a new one from scratch using your old masthead as a template. Again, ensure it is anodized after fabrication.

• Purchase the current masthead and shim to to fit the deeper notch in the top of the mast extrusion, fore and aft.