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Circuit Breaker Double Pole 30 Amp AC Master

Part #: Z2618
This double pole breaker is the AC master breaker used on most Catalinas. In fact, due to to American Boat and Yacht Council requirements, many boats have two of these toggle breakers, one on the master panel and another on a small panel near the power inlet. The small panel eliminates an unprotected run of wire from the inlet to the master panel. It is typically found inside an aft locker, tucked up high and out of the weather as much as possible.
Although it appears to be only one breaker from the front, look behind the panel. You will discover it is actually two breakers ganged together (click on the image found below under "Additional Images"). In case of a fault, both the load and the line are disconnected. There are many opportunities for the polarity to be reversed either around the marina or with various adapters. Disconnecting both legs of the circuit adds an extra margin of safety ensuring the "hot" side of the circuit is disconnected even if the polarity is reversed.

• Height: 2"
• Width: 1-1/2"
• Depth (not including protrusions): 1.65"
• Mounting hole spacing (center to center) top to bottom: 1.665"
• Mounting hole spacing (center to center) side to side: 0.75"

1) Even though there are four mounting holes in the breaker itself, in the typical Catalina master panel the breaker is secured to the panel with only two screws.

2) Other breaker styles are available. If your breaker was original equipment in your Catalina, chances are we have it available. Call Catalina Direct tech support at 916/843-1971 with a detailed description of the breaker you need.

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