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Engine Panel Ignition Switch Replacement Boot

Part #: Z3965
Replacement cap for the three position (off-on-momentary) ignition switch. Included with our switch, part number Z1974. It will not work on switches that have a plastic body.
We actually acquired several different replacement boots to test and we are glad we did. Our assumption was that the more expensive version that uses a chrome plated brass nut would be the most robust but it turned out to have a couple of problems:

1) It was almost impossible to install without getting the nut cross-threaded, especially when standing on your head in the cockpit.

2) When you finished tightening down the boot/nut assembly the rubber would tighten against the face of the switch causing the slit (where the key enters the boot) to open allowing water to enter regardless if the key was present or not!

Turns out this lower cost plastic version is easier to install and, since the nut rotates independently from the boot, the boot doesn't distort when you tighten the nut onto the switch.