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Ignition Switch 3 Position Brass Body

Part #: Z1974


Off-On-Momentary on. Includes rubber cap for moisture resistance. For use as Off-Run-Start or as Off-Run-Glow plug where the start function is handled by a separate button. Some installations use individual dedicated buttons, one for start and one for glow plugs. In this case, this switch handles the Off-On function but the momentary function is not utilized. Complete with two keys.


If your boat has the robust, all brass body ignition switch, this is the correct replacement. If yours is plastic, it is likely the unit with the double "D" mounting shaft with flats on each side. Catalina began using the plastic switch with a double "D" shaft in about 2000. The actual date of the change was not recorded. Unfortunately the two are not interchangeable.

• Length of stem: 1.60
• Diameter of stem at threads: 0.79"
• Diameter of stem at flats:no flats"
• Diameter of body: 1.74"
• Overall length (incl terminals): 3.13"

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