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Master Battery Selector Switch

Part #: Z2317
• Switch two batteries from Off - 1 - Both - 2
• Surface mounting. Rated for 250 amps
Includes an alternator field disconnect to prevent damage to the alternator in case it is switched to off with the engine running
• Ignition protected so you can switch off the power without causing a fire or explosion in case there is spilled fuel aboard
We sell our switch with the field disconnect feature for less than others sell switches without the field disconnect. Therefore it is a good choice for small boats and large. On Catalina 22's and 25's it provides for the installation of two batteries which can be used independently.

On larger boats, Check the back of your existing switch for the two, small, extra terminals indicating it has field disconnect. If they are missing, we highly suggest you replace your switch with one that includes this feature.
Without field disconnect, if your master switch is inadvertently switched to the "Off" position while the engine is running, you will fry your alternator. Check that the field disconnect is properly wired to protect your alternator.
• Overall diameter for surface mounting: 5-1/4"
• Diameter of hole for through bulkhead mounting: 4-1/2 "