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Switch Paddle, 1-1/8" x 9/16" Mounting, 15A

Part #: Z4178
This paddle switch is made by Carling and was typically used on the main AC/DC electrical panels. It has 2 male metal spade connectors without a plastic spacer between.

Current master panels use individual circuit breakers for each branch circuit.

These paddle switches were used on the DC circuits of earlier panels in conjunction with fuses. These panels were popular in the mid 80's and were often gold anodized. See the additional photo for a picture of the older style panels.

• Face: 1-1/4" X 11/16"
• Depth from front of faseplate: ~ 1-1/8"
• Mounting hole in panel: ~ 1-1/8 x 9/16"
• Width of toggle at base: ~ 3/8"
• Length of toggle: ~ 1/5"

Labeled 10A 250VAC, 15A 125VAC.